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vendredi 5 août 2011

When I was alone

Cell-phone calls, text messages, e-mails, online social network, chat rooms all are easiest way to cope the loneliness.but in the worls of mass connection how someone can feel alone themselfs.
I am She

When I was alone at night
 In strange and distant cities,
 On trains which pierced the darkness,
 I called aloud your name
 I sang the song of your dear name

It passed one year in Banglore,,,very soon na!  It was 5th of August 2010 when i land at Banglore Airport..and i found Its as busy as life can sometimes be. I had to walk lilbit with my suitcase (thank God for trolley bags) to the Bus Station.Walking is really difficult for me i am telling by my heart  i dont like to walk  at all...i remember in Bombay always my friends make me walk from Churchgate station to Somani which was my center for french classes.
well come to the prompt i was talking about Bangalore Airport, People pass you by and everyone has somewhere to go, no one is really there. Only bodies present in the airport, the mind is always somewhere else, either at the place they

No doubt i was really very hungry as people knows i am foody and I was having cold also. Its funny how cold and hunger go together.I have never found myself saying "Im hot and Im hungry", thirsty is much  but could nt do anything........had to cross the bridge.i was eager to meet my brother and my beautifull bhabhi Arpita and consolling my self 1 hour more yeah half n hour more..finally i met them and i told my berother "hey see i am very hungry so take me first somewere that i can eat somethig then only i ll start from here" he laughed as well as my coming soon beautifull bhabhi first time i met her she was good looking but dimaag thoda kam tha what i felt he he he.. ok! he took me at KFC my favourite place, nicely i had crunched chicken and burger and made my stamac full.   
In this city My first few days were mainly I focus on my health.beacause it was really big change from bombay to banglore there is too much diffrence between them i am talking about wether, Bangalore wether is really awesomeeee. Bangalore is known as the Garden City of India because of
 its greenery and the presence of many public parks, including the Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park
My cutie Chickens
So the main thing is what i did in banglore, how i found in banglore, here u can see.......
Enjoying wid Tequila guy
sometimes i played with chickens.
sometimes i made myseld colourfull and sometimes this..well going office and coming back home accept this didnt do anything, maybe i lost my enthusiasme in banglore. my friends (in Mumbai) have seen my enthu...i keep in touch with my friends by telephone to recall the good memories and also for the pleasure of keeping in contact,and always i got the same reply "hey  puri you have changed" "what has happened to you" etc...i am not changed guys i think i am  rite
"i m addicted to the past" there is no immidiate solution to cope up this but i am sure i will successfully do it.
I feel great, Whenever someone compliments me, i got so many compliment in banglore from my bhabhi and others also but does it make sence that from where i started finding myself and i got this, that i am alone. well in this journey i always try to console my thinking and  see the positive side of
my situation.

                                                                                                 to be continue........................ 

mercredi 9 mars 2011

Some memories of College life-

Cafe corner....
People usually drink Black coffee at nights in this corner of the world ... oh no no... Not that they are particularly fond of it, just that they are hardly lift with a choice.....
Most memorable moments of any one's life are the college days. The delightful time starts when you know lots of new stuff, friendship with new people, makes love and other un-related things that are not related with studies. College days are the most important and memorable part in anyone’s life-It shapes a person from a teenager to a mature human. It is the place where lasting friendships are grown. From what I gathered, for people who have studied in a college, college days are happy things of the past.
Welcome to this crispy world, yaa my college day in Mumbai university. This is the place or actually I can say the stage where it doesn’t matter where you hell from, which fashion statement you made earlier. This is the end of all diversity.........

My PG college
Entering the college campus for the first time may send some jitters down your stomach but remember it is just the dawn of an exciting phase ahead a. in fact explore the college campus, unearth the heart of all gang-ho activities in the college - The Canteen (as it eventually turns out to be your favorite place to hang out) know the college in & out. ..........

All r tense 4 exam
I found unforgettable stage of life in my college time .the college stage reminds me how person lead a life and how we earn maximum from it. It shows the both stage of life enjoy full, delighted and happiness on the other way it shows lousy, funny, and unsaddles. It also makes you smart by having end number of girlfriend and boyfriend and makes you foodie by knowing all the local restaurant and bars. We also know the corner to take your girlfriend /BF. And we know the lane to runaway also......... When I started my college stage, my first year was a stage of discovery...I was in stage of Dilemmas as I was afraid of ragging from seniors, as well as fear of boring friends. The start was pathetic get ragged by seniors and I also got boring professor. My life was ruined when I got lecturers from old professors whose voice struggled to reach my ears. Making friends was really most difficult work, and I was least passionate for it. Well that’s common but it was really unforgettable the first day of my college. specially the ragging part I am telling you very frankly it was look like I am in for some third degree torture and in the night when I was on bed thought to myself ' got to check the definition between suppression repression and depression in the dictionary... ha ha.. ...

planning how we will cheat in  examination hall
My second year was actually very toughest time when we break all the rules and the law which is made by vice chancellor and all.....and this is the only time when we come to know the all pan chewing college staff coz they only help us to find out the immediate way from where we can get our things easily. And even we use them 4 internal examination cheating...I am disclosing under ki baat... but hey very honesly i never did. But I was in a gang there were a guy who was actually very master in that. So at this time we come to know how important the college staff than vice chancellor.

Editing teacher a great helper
My 2nd year passed while looking the other friends, how they maintain themselves yeppp.....! swetha used her precious hour to solve crossword puzzles. Ragini indulged most of her time in trying new dresses. And last but not least pretty used their time in measuring the millimeters of fat that she had put on various parts. Well whatever the whole atmosphere was friendly in this year I learned many things which makes me laugh. and it also gives me courage to built up myself .the experience what I had with my professors whom I felt bore at start I don’t have word to explain how good they are.
The college spirits is on it all time high during festivals & inter college competitions. Nothing ever replaces the excitement & fun you have during those days. You don’t realize how quickly this splendid journey comes to an end & all you realize is learning wasn’t so easy ever before.

sitting on college boundary
I don’t know what I felt last night and only this I got in my mind I started watching some college snaps it certainly brings back the memories. These all things made me remember my good old first year at college we used to hide from our seniors in the labs. thats really funny now when it comes in mind I laugh lot and at the last moment the same seniors became my good friends.

guys it was actually phenomenal effort I made in the last year because this was the time were I wanted to explore myself more and didn’t wanted to read at all. But I did there was no other option. At the last time I come to know it required much more hard work. Less the time, more the amount of hard work would be needed…this was my first lesson. I would like to thanks all my friends my teachers and specially my seniors to whom I interacted in the last moment of the year they are actually very helpful.

samedi 4 décembre 2010

Rahul ka swayamver

After Rakhi sawant this is the time for Rahul Mahajan to choose a life partner on national television. NDTV has confermed that the grand son of the late leader pramod mahajan will get a beauifull bride on national television. Indian audience likes reality show and some glamour yup..theres gonna organised swayamver for Rahul Mahajan, how intrested he is for this swayamver? is he really want a life partner or he wants publicity for a new face in this glamoures world . well i personally feel that Rahul ka swayamver is fully drama and its miles away from reality as we got a result from Rakhi ka swayamver i can say it is another way for publicity.....

But all that has become a history wen the 34 years old is introduced to a number of prospective brides.

mercredi 22 septembre 2010

Jarman Bakery bam dhamka

13 fabruary ki shaam pune ke jarman bekary me huye haadse ne ek baar fir se logo ke dilo ko dahla kar rakh diya ..pune ke is cafe me achanak huye is hamle me 15 logo ki jaan ek jhatke me chali gai aur in 15 logo me agar dekha jaaye to ye sabhi ke sabhi youngerster hi the.har baar ki tarah is baar bhi aatankwadiyo ne apna nishana ek aise jagah ko banaya jaha hamesha chahal pahal bani rahti hai.koi shak nahi ki iske pahle mumbai me hotel Taj bhi unka aisa hi nishana tha. Delhi ,Kolkata aur Mubai jaise alag alag shahro se yaha aaye in bekasoor logo ki aakhir galti kya thi ki inhe to malum bhi nahi tha ki jis shaam wo is cafe me khane aa rahe hain waha inke saath kya hone wala hai.
sarkaar ko jimmeddaar thahrana ye samasya ka samadhan nahi par sarkaar is tarah ke haadse ki khabar na rakhe aur ise ek soft target kahkar apne haath piche kar le kya ye uchit hai?

mardi 21 septembre 2010

Valentine Special

Sadiyon se feb ko pyar ka mahina mana jata hai kyonki isi mahine me aata hai valentine’s day. Valentine week ki shuruat ho chuki hai, kisi ke haath me dil ke aakar wale gubbare hain to kisi ke haath me gulabi Greetings card, wahin koi haaath choclate liye khara hai to koi candy liye , Par hum me se kitno ko pata hai Valentines ke bare me?? Kaise iski shuruat hui ?? Ye Feb me hin kyon manaya jata hai??

Aiye pahle hum jante hain akhir valentine kyon manaya jata hai?? Aur iski shuruat kahan se hui?

Valentine’s ke bare me kuch bhi kahin bhi likha hua nahi hai agar humare pas hai to kuch poranik kathaien(myth). Valentine ki shuruat paschimi deshon se shuru hui. Kaha jata hai St.Valentine naam ka ek purohit tha jiska saamna ek shaktishali raja Claudius II se hua. Ye kahani 270A.D ki hai. Us samay raja ne ek kanoon banaya tha jisme sainiko ko pyaar aur shaadi karne par pabandi thi. Wahin St. Valentine iska virodh karte the aur jo sinik shaadi karna cahte the uski shaadi karwate the. Jab raja ko is baat ka pata chala to usne St. valentine ko maut ki saja sunai wahin jail me st.valentine ko jailer ki beti se pyar ho jata hai. Aur 14 feb ko marne se pahle usne jailer ki beti ko ek khat likha jiske aakhiri me likha tha “tumhara valentine” us din ko St.Valentine’s Day ka naam diya gaya jisko aaj sabhi Valentine’s day ke naam se jante hain.

Aaj har yuva dil me Valentine’s day manane ki khwash hoti hai, sabhi cahte hain ki us din ko wo apne pyar ke saath bitaye. Valentine day ke din sangini apne saathi ke saath aur ladke apni sangini ke saath is din ko bitana cahte hain. Par kya pyaar yahin tak simit hai. Aisa lagta hai maano pyaar ke sirf ek roop ko puja jar raha hai.

Humare bhartiya sabhyata me har tarah ka pyar hai. Bhai bahen ka pyar maa aur pita ka pyaar pati patni ka pyaar aur agar hum valentine day par pyar ko samman de rahe hain to hume har tarah ke pyar ko samman dena cahiye sirf Girlfriend aur boyfriend ka pyaar aur pati patni ka paar hi pyaar nahi hota.

St. Valentine’s aur us ladki ke beech kaisa pyaar tha koi nahi janta par logon ne us pyaar ko ek alag naam de diya jo ki shayad sahi nahi hai. Agar dekha jaye to hum us desh se taluk rakhte hain jahan shri krisna aur radha ka pyaar bhi amar hua tha koi ek din nahi cahiye ki ha hume usi din ko pyaar ke naam karna hai humare liye har din valentines day hai par phirbhi agar hum valentines manate hain to hume pyaar ke har roop ke saath valentines manana cahiye. Ek pita apne bacche ka valentine ho sakta hai, ek maa apne baccho ka valentine ho sakti hai aur to aur maa aur bacche ke beech ka jo pavitra rishta hota hai usse pavitra kya ho sakta hai??

Log kehte hain ki Valentine’s day wo din hai jis din log apne pyaar ka ijhaar karte hain, ek naye riste ko majbooti dete hain, par un rishto ka kya jo aaj kamjor padte jaa rahe hain? Apne dil ke andar girlfriend ke pyaar ko dhoondh lete hain par us maa baap ke pyaar ka kya jo kai saalon se aapko apne dil ka tukda mante hain. Jab purane rishton me koi majbooti nahi rahegi to ye Valentine’s Day naye rishto ko kaun si majbooti de dega?

har kisi ki tarah main bhi is din ka aadar karti hoon par main aap logon se yahi kehna cahti hoon ki pyaar ke is pavitra din ko sirf dost hin nahi apne pariwar ke saath manao. Asli mayne me yahi valentine’s day hai.
Waise bhi aaj bhaag daud ki jindgi me agar aap kuch pal apne maa-baap ko dete ho to isse bada valentine gift unke liye aur kya ho sakta hai. Aur agar Valentine’s day par rishte hin majboot karne hain to un rishto ko karo jo aaj kamjor pad rahe hain. Valentine day sirf unke saath mat manao jisse aap pyaar karte ho unke saath bhi manao jo aapse pyaar karte hain aur agr dil me jhaank kar dekhoge to pehla chera tumhare maa-pita ka hin hoga.

Aaj agar kuch survey reports ki mane to jaan kar khushi hoti hai ki adhiktar bhartiya Valentine’s day apne pariwar walo ke saath manate hain aur manaye bhi kyon na akhir papa mummy se badhiya valentine aur kahan milega???

mardi 17 novembre 2009

Why do i want to be Journalist

A couple of reasons I want to be a journalist are: I can make people laugh and learn, from my experiences, at the same time. Instead of keeping to myself, or simply gossiping, I get to write about the most intriguing idea I’ve heard of that day, or a crazy fact I’ve read about, while browsing the internet. Speaking of that, here’s something funny I came across the other day (It seems to prove that anything is possible, at first.): Q: How can you delay milk turning sour? A: Keep it in the cow! Anyhow, I am able to be a good influence, among the many bad ones, which are out there. I can take out my frustrations through my writing and come to conclusions, which will help somebody having my same problems. Just the other day, I was trying to come to grips again with that old familiar phrase that hardly ever seems to go away. Maybe you’ve heard of this before: “Life isn’t fair.” And you know what, I would come to grips with that while I sit on Grandpa’s knees, as he tries to console me, but that simply doesn’t seem to be the case lately. Instead, it seems to be becoming a very popular thing coming from the mouths of those people who have cheated me. How ridiculous is that?—“I’m sorry, life isn’t always fair…so I’m going to cheat you too!” I’m just going to ask those people to do this one thing for me: make sense when you talk.

As a journalist, I have the opportunity of presenting my stories to hundreds of people, as they read the morning newspaper and have their coffee. As a small-town columnist in my hometown, I have fans, fans who are actually interested in what I have to say for the day, and who come to me for advice—and God knows—I love to give advice. I have the chance to make somebody’s day or to just make them laugh, and maybe change their view on a particular subject of interest. And by the way, here’s something interesting to think about the next time you run to the refrigerator: Why is it that you keep returning to the same refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized? Don’t deny it; we all do it. But why is that…really? Anyways, back to the prompt—my dad once told me about a quote he read somewhere: “Find something that you like so much that you’d do it for free, and then get so good at it, that they’ll pay you to do it.” And needless to say, I find the idea of being a good influence on people, even people whom I’ve never even met, to be very intriguing and an exceptional opportunity. Their question, to me, was: Why do I want to be a journalist? My question to the rest of the world is: Why would I want to be anything else?

As a journalist, I have that found the opportunity that my dad talked about—the opportunity to do something—something, which I love so much, I’d really do it for free. And with a little experience, I’ve grown to be good enough at it that they pay me to do it…it doesn’t get any better than that. And I’ll leave you with this......................